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Shanghai National car rental hot car guy engaged to a foreigner night package
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During the National Day, the major car rental companies in Shanghai "inventory" hollowed out. Car Rental in Shanghai were mostly "family books", would like to take holiday trips, but there are some special customers. "Now, ah, many rural young people, like car travel." Car company officials said the bus, before the holiday rush came a bit suburban guy, wish to enter into rental agreements. He had invited friends to visit on the holiday Sea, in particular, "the evening for a drive, watch Shanghai Night", to make friends, enjoy some luxury travel, specifically provides a Lincoln sedan stretched. And a few weeks ago, there are bits of the guests from France with his wife to the public engagement car rental companies. He said Oct. 3 to get married and decided to "introduce" a return to traditional Chinese wedding features. He booked a Cadillac Mubarak, as a wedding car, then rent a luxury van, to transport friends, both affordable and decent. Analysis of the industry, attracting many factors in addition to car rental customers credit system, the most important thing is price. Recently, Shanghai has the lowest car rental prices of the company will be set at 98 yuan / day. In addition, the city car rental companies Most of the license before the use of the field, recently some companies will use Shanghai as a license for all vehicles to avoid inconvenience to the limit line, but also attract customers.