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The car rents basic common sense
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1, do you know to serve as the right of the person that rent a car?

1. When every time rents a car, enjoy the right that signs a contract with lessor;

2. The agreement that presses a contract has access of the car that rent;

3. Authority is learned make sure safety drives requires car technical condition and performance information;

4. Authority is obtained rental the corresponding service that just hires car to use functional place to offer for safeguard.

2, enjoy the right while you also should use up obligation

1. According to the facts to rental just offer drive this, Id, registered permanent residence this, the identification data such as business charter.

2. By the contract the agreement pays hire etc fee.

3. By vehicle performance, operation the regulation of accumulation and relevant law, code uses the car that rent.

4. Appropriate rents car surely, maintain car previous condition. Without renting Fang Yun is made, do not get do sth without authorization to repair car, do not get do sth without authorization to change one's costume or dress, change, add his thing.

5. Assistance is rental just press time limit to undertake car check and maintenance to renting car.

6. Assume not prep above of 20% the loss of present worth of the car that rent that because traffic accident or pilfer are grabbed,causes; Assume the other responsibility that causes because of traffic accident.

7. Protection rents square car ownership does not suffer encroach. Do not get resell, guaranty, impawn, hock, subtenancy, relet to rent car.

8. The car that rent produces traffic accident, when be being grabbed by pilfer, should instantly to public security, hand in the branch such as the canal reports a case to the security authorities and inside 12 hours the announcement rents square, assist rental just deal with relevant formalities.

9. The driver that makes sure the car that rent is registered for the contract drives. In rent period inside, be like bear hire the information that just registers to produce change, should inform in time rental square.

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