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Spring Festival Guangzhou hires the price reference of car line of business and
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Say normally, activity of economy of city of profit from Guangzhou enterprise of frequent, foreign capital gathers, citizen standard of living is good at the benefit such as countrywide front row element, the course of study that rent just also should check the car of Guangzhou since wind unboiled water.

However the reporter is in day after day the understanding in interviewing arrives, the car that Guangzhou city already registered in door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry hires a company just many 60, got business certificate of door of the Ministry of Communication have 25 only, the renting car that runs legally just many 1100, and be in mostly protect this or small interest position, waiting for a city compared with Beijing, Shanghai is a be outshone simply, wait for even Xi'an inland city also be not a patch on.

Have so much congenital advantage, have the extensive need of the market again, why does the car of Guangzhou rent course of study to still expand not to rise?

Ever got temporarily coquettish lag behind again and again nowadays

Going up early century 80 time metaphase, company of wide fine horse established the first car of Guangzhou city to hire a firm, because this Guangzhou city is the whole nation,begin a car the earliest to rent one of cities of business. The car line of business that rent is one of burgeoning industries that conform with international, guangzhou city has a large number of foreign capital, joint ventures, the demand that rents to the car is very big.

However, at this late hour, the car of Guangzhou rented course of study to lag behind greatly however. Carriage guild of Guangzhou town road and each big company that rent ever made an on-the-spot investigation to Beijing, Xi'an, the car that discovers Guangzhou rents be not a patch on of course of study these two cities. As we have learned, beijing has 240 cars to rent 20500 enterprise, cars that rent at present, 3 two enterprises have a car to amount to 1000 above. The car of Xi'an rents course of study to develop very quickly, at present 120 cars rent many 1800 enterprise, car that rent. Watch Guangzhou instead, the enterprise of 200 cars above has only, the enterprise of 100 cars above is big company, many it is the small company that has a few cars only, the rental rate of the company that rent is only 50% the left and right sides. Reporter classics investigates hear of, "Astral king " , " red bridge " , " Jin Long " , " gallop " the car rental that waits for a brand every every months of net profit makes an appointment with 1000-2500 yuan differ, profit margin ability 8%-16% , and " Sangdana 2000 " , " golden cup " , " in Yang Cheng cling to " the car rental that waits for a brand every want deficient 200-3000 every months yuan differ. because of such, many normal companies dare not purchase car.

Policy " hard rock " the fixed position that block up development wants to make clear car rental above all
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