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The Spring Festival comes home " hire car a group of things with common features
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This Spring Festival how do you come home?

Drive? Do not have a car! The car also fears loss!

Take a car? Spring one bill is bad during carry beg!

Be inferior to renting a car, be economical, convenient still need not carry beloved car to have wear away!

As the car gain ground increasingly, during close friends holiday, accompany hires a car to go out row, had become a kind of new style. Especially spring during carry, railroad, highway transportation is nervous, a lot of short distance go out go or the family gives the passenger of travel to be able to choose to rent a car, go to the lavatory already so leave out the difficulty that buys a ticket. Where is what is there against it?

But, if why hiring risk of the avoid when the car, the protective self interest of utmost? This is the problem that consumer cares most. Develop for industry health, avoid to hire car dispute, china rents a car to " hire car a group of things with common features " support a few move, help you be far from dispute.

The car that chooses to have actual strength hires a company

The maintenance of cost of the insurance that chooses the company that rent to must be in charge of car, tax, administration fee and car and maintain. In addition, the violate the rules and regulations that assists the person that rent to be in manage happening even, accident and by insurance company the regulation deals with formalities of claim for compensation. So, the client should choose to the car with actual strength, older dimensions hires a company as far as possible. Come so, the car hires a company not only can provide perfect insurance and service for the client, OK still the cooperative rights and interests of client of utmost ground protection.

First consideration " two card a calorie "

"Two card a calorie " it is to point to Id, driver's license and credit card, that is to say, the person that rent a car needs to offer thing of this 3 type to be able to rent a car only.

Be in our country, the car rents industry be apt to to belong to burgeoning industry, to reduce business risk, the very much company that rent looks actual strength of the identity of the person that rent a car, capital and background very importantly, what then brought about the formalities that rent a car is trival, also because such, the person that lets having the intention that rent a car more very much flinchs. "Two card a calorie " roll out, accomplished truly convenient, quick, the client also need not run around here and there to seek security again. At present China hires a car to already was rolled out " two card a calorie " the mode that rent a car.

Present check car

Check car is after the autograph is made an appointment with, this is the course that both sides maintains car condition jointly, crucial, as to check car check what? Have very much exquisite.

Want to undertake checking from the exterior above all. See bodywork have without nick, light is complete, car lock is normal. Open a car to build next, examine the state of the main part such as fluid of fuel, refrigerant fluid, lube, brake, storage battery and transmission system. All do not have unusual hind, can enter cab inside, inspect the moving condition of oily watch, brake, air conditioning. Finally, should remind everybody to must try drive.
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