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" pattern of the management of Beijing and central city car that rent studies "
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The task that Beijing carried management board to entrust Chinese road to carry association on November 22, 2007 " pattern of the management of Beijing and central city car that rent studies " through evaluation. Expert group thinks consistently: Study the report is aimed at problem of industry stress difficulty, rent car of domestic center city and foreign part developed country administrative pattern to regard as compare an object, on sufficient survey foundation, made a large number of qualitative ration analyse contrast, science of content full and accurate, research technique comprehensive, analysis is thorough, sex of the look up before achievement is had and innovation sex, rent industry government to have important and referenced value to Beijing and even countrywide car, the development that rents an industry to promoting a car has positive effect. After the expert's opinion complements appropriately and adjusting the basis, task group forms final report as soon as possible.

To accomplish a task, chinese road carries association to organize domestic car to hire industry expert and trade management department, to the whole nation the car of 13 main cities rents trade management department, car to rent industry and partial car to rent an enterprise to undertake interview of on-the-spot survey, telephone and questionnaire survey. In addition still pass international the data that the famous car company that rent, advisory orgnaization obtains car of division of partial abroad and harbor, mesa to rent development state of affairs. Study an analysis through careful of nearly 1 year, task group finished this research report and accessory " situation of the trade of our country main city and partial country automobile that rent and administrative pattern investigation report " . The report thinks Beijing car rents administrative pattern to have a lot of advantages, get used to Beijing car to rent the need that the industry admits. The new characteristic that reports in the light of the car the industry that rent grows offerred proposal of a few policy.

Group of task evaluation expert is in charge of industry of committee of traffic of place, Beijing to supervise place, Beijing to carry science of highway of management board, the Ministry of Communication by carry of the Ministry of Communication the concerned leader such as the academy and expert composition. Attend what evaluation meets to still partial Beijing car rents enterprise, guild to wait. The task of sex of the look up before the person that attend the meeting thinks Beijing carried management board to undertake the car rents development to plan to wait in recent years studies, scientific to governmental formulate industry government policy has positive effect. Beijing will execute a car to rent on November 1 put on record the management that register, the trade that after management department is undertaking a large number of science are proved, makes namely of administrative politics important adjust, it is at present in countrywide oversize city, only Beijing adopted this to plant more the administrative policy that accords with a car to rent industry feature.
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