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Guangzhou draws road book oneself to Yunnan travel
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  Course: Guangzhou - wide Buddha high speed - wide 3 high speed - An Wu high speed - Yun Fu - Luo Ding - Cen Xi - Rong Cen - class - Yu Lin - start line of business - Na Wu high speed - Liu Na high speed - Nanning high speed of around the city -
  Last a period of time: 11 days
  Course of development: 5028 kilometers
  Charge: 11000 yuan
  Model: Day produces demeanour 3
  Oily bad news: 10 litres / 100 kilometers

Early hear of run long-distance experienced technology, to me this is driven age road of one end length can run to drill well with respect to more yearning move for the person of half an year only experienced my technology, just taking the advantage of the Spring Festival this to grow a holiday the day that I am opening me together with family produces demeanour 3 the travel that set foot on Yunnan of a thousand li. Our altogether spent this subaltern way 11 days, ran 5018 kilometers, 100 kilometers control average cost oil 10 litres, spent probably 11000 yuan, smooth even individual 2200 yuan.

   The 1st day
Course: Quiet?06:45AM) , wide Buddha high speed, wide 3 high speed, An Wu high speed, Yun Fu, Luo Ding (give Guangdong) , (into Guangxi) Cen Xi, hold Cen Yi degree, Yu Lin, start line of business, Na Wu high speed,5PM) , south altar high speed, smooth fruit, Tian Dong, Tian Yang, 100 kinds, Tian Lin (19:20PM)
Road condition: Be stupefied Peng of Man of  protruding lot is branny those who because the car leaves this today,send? of room Tiao oneself Xiong is very fast, on some high speed we left 180, the demeanour perception that driving me is frank very. Reminding what everybody notices is in the river fork collects fees there is a paragraph of small road condition after the station is not very good, here basically is Guangdong Guangxi have a common boundary, autocycle is very much and pressing driveway to go return not to give way to want caution.
Travelling expenses: Boreal annulus (5) - wide 3 entrances (5) - wide 3 exit (5) - wide cause (10) - An Wu (40) - Yun Fudong (10) - always install (7) - develop a flower (7) - : 238 yuan
Cheer: Corrupt aim bless?3.8 rises / 120 yuan, 100 kinds cheer 54 litres / 192 yuan
Expenditure: Travelling expenses shaddock of Sha Tian of 238 yuan of + 4 10 yuan (our lunch) + 100 kinds of dinner Tian Lin of 85 yuan of + lodges 120 yuan of Yu Lin, cheer 312 yuan of = 100 kinds 765 yuan
The journey: 948 kilometers
Today basically is to hurrying on with his journey, be in and time race, originally the plan is to arrive at Guangxi 100 kinds, see road condition is pretty good still on the road, what leave because of this car is faster, after arriving at 100 kinds to had eaten dinner, discover time is early still (1840PM) , because this decides a paragraph to run forth again immediately, see about a hundred still have the map before color a town that makes Tian Lin, we arrived at 1920PM Tian Lin. Just arrived at whole vehicle person to be dumbfounded, this town is black breathe out breathe out, not be the place that does not have inn, looking how to say on the map also is a county, the first my consciousness is: ? of buy of blind  of glare of Lei of  of Lian a flat stone on iron rammer with ropes attached at the sides continues to open true before county to still be done not have toward county direction, we found whole town's first-class hotel, the house lives Tian Linbin below, the course cuts price 60 yuan / (luxurious flatlet oh) .
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