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Drive You Lushu to recommend oneself: You Xiang of 6 days of Liaoning is fine
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Tourist attraction: Dish continous: Beach of the Red Sea (the 3rd bright red beach of world) ; saddle hill: 1000 hill, Yu Foyuan (the world is the greatest jade Buddha) ; red east: Great Wall of hill of upright bridge, tiger (the Great Wall most east upright) , green hill channel (U.N. 6 big free from contamination the ground) ; Collect installs: General grave, 5 armet grave, too king tablet (world culture bequest) , duck green Jiang Daqiao (the face in crossing) ; Huan Ren: City of hill of 5 female hill (world culture bequest) ; Benxi: Shenyang of; of highway of red autumnal leaves: The Imperial Palace of boreal hill, Shenyang (world culture bequest) ; peacefuls in: 9 doorways Great Wall (world culture bequest)

The first day: Hill of saddle of → of Beijing → Pan Jin(0-749, add up to 749 kilometers; 6: 30-17: 30, add up to 11 hours)

1. 6: 30 from Beijing of domestic → setting out 34 kilometers of station of Bai Lu of 31 kilometers → get high speed of Shenyang of the Beijing on 5 bridges card → sweet river stands 72 kilometers custom of hill of 20 yuan of → stands 313 kilometers 100 yuan of → dish sea battalion high speed is big stand depression 580 kilometers. Add up to 611 kilometers, time 7. 5 hours

2. Beach of the Red Sea visits: Entrance ticket 20 yuan, steamer ticket 51 yuan, stop fare 10 yuan, visit time 2 hours

3. Red beach → dish big depression station gets sea run sea of calorie of 640 kilometers → dish 694 kilometers of station stand south hill of saddle of big high speed of Shenyang of 20 yuan of → 729 kilometers Ning Yuan of 10 yuan of → collects fees 726 kilometers of station hill of saddle of 10 yuan of → lodges 749 kilometers)

The following day: Red of saddle hill → east(749-1060 add up to 311 kilometers; 7: 45-18: 00, add up to 10. 5 hours)

1. 1000 hill visit: Entrance ticket 50 yuan, cableway 31 yuan, dragon spring temple 5 yuan, time 3 hours

2. Yu Foyuan visits: Entrance ticket 50 yuan, time 50 minutes

3. Hill of saddle of Shenyang big high speed stands this world of distant of 797 kilometers → stands 821 kilometers 838 kilometers of station of Cuijia of 10 yuan of → either end of a bridge of high speed of Shen Dan of 10 yuan of → stands 901 kilometers receive pellet or powder blocking → east 1045 kilometers of station 50 yuan, time 3. 5 hours

4. Upright bridge visits: Entrance ticket 20 yuan, time 1 hour

The 3rd day: Red east → collect is installed(1060-1377, add up to 317 kilometers; 7: 30-17: 30, add up to 10 hours)

1. Visit tiger hill Great Wall: Entrance ticket 30 yuan, jockey 10 yuan, time 2 hours

2. Red east kilometer of collect of red of → of → distant river connects channel to stand 1339 kilometers 5 yuan (red volume road is the road that builds newly, the place that there still is Shang Zaixiu way among)
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