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In drive a vehicle how the fraise before dodge car
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It is when car when travel, encounter danger to have not enough time however suddenly apply the brake or cannot when car of Buddhist templeput on the brakes, the method of only has dodge only. But, dodge also has skill.

When specific means should discover a circumstance namely, roll changes direction dish should by arrive slow fast, undertake stage by stage. Road surface slips more, want smoothly roll to change direction more dish, and turn to dish of rotational extent to should not be more than half rounds. After movement of the dodge that finish, answer to will change direction quickly dish time, such cars are met very quickly restore from inside condition of or so pendulous smooth. The person that drive also nevers mind in whole process staring at fraise, answer however the line of sight to right travel way.

The drive means of the car and carring capacity circumstance have very big effect to dodge operation: The car of rear wheel drive has as a result of rear wheel very strong disclose the liability, cause easily change direction excessive; Front-wheel drive car is right the response that turns to dish of roll is slower; The car of four-wheel drive is deserved to go up to 4 wheel by average branch because of driving force, behave more smoothly so; The car left and right sides that holds a heavy thing sways the meeting is more intense. As a result of abrupt dodge, regular meeting has the hidden trouble of safe respect, when driving accordingly, answer with before the safe distance that the car maintains proper, and do not center the line of sight overly in vicinity, want to note the road surface case of far.

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