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How to prevent exhaustion to drive
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The driver is driving when car, often can produce physiology function as a result of a variety of reasons or psychological functionary is maladjusted, produce exhaustion in physiology or mentally namely, thereby function is maladjusted. Once appear,the driver is in in drive a vehicle fatigue omen, from get into trouble not far also. According to statistic, the traffic accident that drive because of exhaustion and causes occupies the 20 % that always has number to control, occupy the 40 % above of accident of especially big traffic.
The reason that exhaustion drives often is mixed with condition of gas Hou, traffic road condition is concerned. Accordingly, the driver's working hours ought to according to these circumstances extenuatory increase or decrease.
When the driver takes president time or Sunday run drives, the impact is the biggest is with all sorts of function that drive to matter directly, indirect function moves the ability, function that maintains body balance to wait to also will be affected like heart work. Accordingly, before long-distance drive a vehicle, the driver must assure normal Morpheus as far as possible, still ought to adjust in drive a vehicle seat and the back of the chair, have the delicate food, much water that drink a dot, ten million remembers arriving at the time of destination certainly beforehand, in order to prevent car of to drive time exhausted excuse me.
Major traffic accident is came to was mixed at 6 o'clock at 0 o'clock in night came at 13 o'clock by day at 16 o'clock when drive a vehicle, because the driver is drowsy,cause. The driver is in these two time paragraph must take care doubly, should timely do some of exercise that eliminates exhaustion, wash wash his hands to also have life-giving effect with the face. Best of course method still jockeys instantly rest, do not faint however cause trouble.
Some people think to listen to music to be able to make a person excited, but must measurable, because of " of one mind cannot 2 with " . Psychology thinks, concentrated force meets the person's volition pound and be weakened or be lost what because of the outside all sorts of degree differ. If accept as premature as the meeting when processing outside signal or aggravating fatigue morely,modern medicine identifies the brain center of humanness. Accordingly, must not listen to music to serve as the only method that eliminates exhaustion.
Be informed according to the experiment, the driver drives one day when above of more than 10 hours, if Morpheus is insufficient 4. 5 hours, criterion accident rate is top. Because this driver does not want to drive for long continuously as far as possible, interval wants twice every between dispatch a vehicle
10 - 20 minutes, should according to oneself normally Morpheus habit has rested absolutely.
In drive a vehicle, to prevent to loosen vigilance, ought to connect to cab ventilated, reduce cab temperature, moderate land to hear music, crossed paragraph of time to get off oneself are loosened in roadside, eye fine often is not staring at the central line of highway, must with safe distance maintains between other vehicle.
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