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Prevent to become accelerator by accident brake
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If you are a driver, in dash forward regarded accelerator as when affection of be in danger brake walks, what result can you be? Li Yongjian invented adviser of old doctoral student of Chengdu electron division " car accelerator by accident protector of intelligence of safety in operation " , this device already won national patent. According to saying, go up in the car when installation of this kind of device hind, when even if encounters danger situation, the fault steps on accelerator to also won't lead to catastrophe when brake.

According to Introduction Li Yongjian, the invention of this device is to build theoretically be opposite for years " wrong step on the gas " over the data research of traffic accident. They discover a lot of novices are in when encountering emergency, often because flurried and the fault steps on accelerator footplate downward forcibly; And when driving normally, the strength of driver step on the gas is even commonly, of gentle. From this, they are added in accelerator place install sensor of a kind of intelligence to undertake linkage to accelerator and brake, let a system have memory and judgement through the strength of step on the gas of right leg of common response driver, too big or the movement is too little can differentiate whether is going out to be operated by accident, make relevant response thereby. When should pressing next footplate stepping on oil suddenly forcibly, accelerator because strength is intense and interrupt, device turns into flameout condition, braking system all is started instantly, make brake response.

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