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Nightly experience old freight car answers strategy
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Best strategy is a word " shine " .

Have a few times old freight car encounters in nightly drive a vehicle, occurrence danger circumstances is arisen by Jing a suit sweat. It is in stone, dark blue road, a big money opposite side jumps over line overtake, I already decelerate avoids let, it still rushs continuously to me, I jockey to still lean to roadside not only later, want to break up almost, it is apart from my car howl of very close ground and over- . It is in Chang Ping a crossing climbs slope left-hand rotation, encounter one big money from left sail come, because if stop firm be about since slope, when allowing a car so, I want to sneak away slowly, after waiting for this car to go again take advantage of an opportunity is carried fast. Feel OK to carry when me fast when, discover this car still has one most automobile body to did not pass suddenly, the lamp that so it does not have length of mark automobile body, make I judge error to its length, and the lamplight of my car can illuminate to car head ahead only narrow zonule, until fast come up against ability to look clear. The ability after scram prevented an accident.

Chat with driver of a few old truck later, complain they drive too cruel, knew a few inside information via introducing.

Regular meeting of big money classics is overweighted, its reason is the Qian Taigui that buy a way, not overweighted almost be out of pocket. After overload, car starts carry fast very difficult, the movement can cut axle shaft suddenly, decelerate is very difficult also, good promote speed not easily, the driver also does not wish to be decreased easily commonly come down, especially when overtake, often be to follow a string of car from the back, head car must take the route, be forced to I am sorry the car on, whose car is old at that time who is king, you are forced avowed pour lintel, shined at once, what to shake it to have to use with the lamp?

The car of old freight car besides often poorer, the work with not complete lamplight often has, on the freeway, some big money do not have taillight, far looking is a black hill, arrive in front of just seeing is a car, difference of two cars rate is too big very dangerous also.

So, nightly lot big money, the car has avoided share only, fasten and it is stronger. Who makes your car small.

Make a person tricky quite on highway besides old freight car, still have agricultural car and autocycle. Look from seen accident, this 3 person also be probability of reason of hair make trouble is higher.

Still have, action of nightly lamplight illume is very limited, if the pedestrian of roadside or the person that ride a bicycle wear brunet dress, often mix lump of setting of dim light of night, until just look thoroughly when the distance is very close. Can be the car headlight that thinks you illuminated much further? Do not cross a few meters. The time that travel is apart from at this o'clock too handles accident case to you, speed is faster, your time is less.
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